How to Prepare an Income Statement

income statement example

These are your marketers, your advertisers, salespeople, financers, office admins, IT staff – essentially your day-to-day employees keeping the business side of things up-and-running. For the example used in this article, we’re breaking down the 2018 income statement for Apple, Inc. Perhaps the clearest way to explain the structure of an income statement is by dissecting it into smaller pieces and explaining the significance of each entry from the top-down.

income statement example

Sub-Saharan Africa has closed 67.2% of the gender gap on the Economic Participation and Opportunity subindex. Liberia, Eswatini and Burundi are at the top of the ranking table, while Benin, Mali and Senegal have attained the least parity. At the indicator level, there has been an improvement of 0.5 percentage points or more in parity in estimated earned income in 20 out of 36 countries. Further, the share of technical positions assumed by women has increased for more than 1 percentage point in six countries, including populous countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia.

Importance of an income statement

Your textbook has a good example of how this is shown in a Statement of Retained Earnings. In the example below I have calculated operating income before taxes, then I apply the 30% tax rate. It is also practical to use this format when you do not need to separate operating expenses from the cost of sales. EBIT is helpful when analyzing the performance of the operations of a company without the costs of the tax expenses and capital structure impacting profit.

income statement example

To ensure a global representation of the gender gap, the report aims to cover as many economies as possible. For a country to be included, it must report data for a minimum 12 of the 14 indicators that comprise the index. We also aim to include the latest data available, reported within the last 10 years. The goal of the report is to offer a consistent annual metric for the assessment of progress over time. Using the methodology introduced in 2006, the index and the analysis focus on benchmarking parity between women and men across countries and regions. We have to report the situation in the financial statements and this is done by showing an adjustment to the beginning balance of Retained Earnings.

Example of an Income Statement

Further, populous countries such as India, Türkiye and China have less than 7% ministers who are women and countries like Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon have none. At the bottom of the distribution, apart from Afghanistan, the countries that attained less than 40% parity include Algeria (31.7%), Iran (34.4%), Pakistan (36.2%) and India (36.7%). You need to know the number of shares of Pfd stock, and the amount of the dividend, which will always be stated. If the Pfd stock has a dollar amount, that is the dividend to be paid each year, per share. If the Pfd stock has a percentage, multiply the par value per share times the percentage to get the dividend. If a company has both common and preferred stock, any preferred dividends must first be deducted from Income from continuing operations and Net Income, before calculating EPS.

A multi-step income statement categorizes a company’s expenses into different groups based on their nature. Public companies operating in the United States are required by law to use a multi-step income statement since it provides the most accurate analysis of the business. Non-operating expenses are costs that are not related to a company’s core operations. “Other income/expense” The Role of Financial Management in Law Firm Success is often included in this section and can include changes in the value of assets the company owns (if it owns shares in another public business for example). A single-step income statement is synonymous with small business as it offers a simple report of business profit. This income statement format uses a single equation to come up with the Net Income.

Operating income

On the other hand, five countries, led by Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar, have increased their parity by 0.5% or more. At the current rate of progress, full regional parity will be attained in 152 years. Educational Attainment is the subindex with the second-highest global parity score, with only 4.8% of the gender gap left to close. When looking at the subset of 145 countries included in both 2022 and 2023, the number of economies with full gender parity in Educational Attainment has increased from 21 to 25. Similar to last year, Afghanistan is the only country where the educational gender parity score is below the 50% mark, at 48.2%.

income statement example

For example, parity for healthy life expectancy, at 1.03, is more than just Middle East and North Africa and Southern Asia. Women’s healthy life expectancy has declined more than that of men since 2013 in both Canada and the United States, further contributing the reduction in parity on this subindex. In terms of the share of women in ministerial positions, 11 out of 146 countries, led by Albania, Finland and Spain, have 50% or more ministers who are women.