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"Bringing diamond-grade clarity to ambitious leaders to scale their summit faster"

– Saahil Mehta

What is Break Free?

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What clutter is holding you back from GREATNESS?

When was the last time you avoided taking a decision that required you to confront someone or something?

Clutter is nothing more than shunned confrontations.

– Saahil Mehta

Which one of these is adding to the clutter in your life?

I know how it feels. I too struggled with each of these issues which held me back from reaching my true potential.

Until I identified the core clutter weighing me down; I was living a lie. It was like wearing a permanent mask.

Until I learnt to BREAK-FREE from all that and more…

That’s why I wrote BREAK FREE for leaders like you to discover the art of decluttering

Awareness of Clutter

Identify what kinds of clutter is holding you back from greatness

Tools to Declutter

Implement a proven framework that will help you eliminate all that doesn’t serve you anymore

Rituals for Transformation

Explore & Anchor newer habits that enable you to accelerate your growth

These 3 elements help you declutter your life and scale your summit faster

"Saahil offers us specific tools and choices which allow us to simplify our lives physically, materially, intellectually, and emotionally. This enables us to perform at a higher level."

Warren Rustand

CEO, Summit Capital Consulting

"With each session, there were rich insights and learnings. Saahil has gone through a transformational journey that has upped his game as a professional, a husband, father, and human being. There are so many learnings in his journey that I have been able to take away and reapply."

Mona Ataya

Founder & CEO,

"Having clarity on your purpose is no easy task. Attending the personal mastery workshop with Saahil lights the spark to an amazing journey ahead."

Wadih Hadad

Founder & CEO, The Box

Life was pulling me in all directions at once...

…which was the cause for elevated levels of stress and anxiety. This was having a negative impact on my health, relationships as well as work.

During the spring of 2016, my friends and I were sitting at the gate at Barcelona airport waiting to catch a flight to the magical island of Ibiza. In order to make the trip great, we decided one one thing only – no judgement.

The following four days, I removed the mask of ‘must be seen as’. This lifted a huge burden as I no longer had the pretense of making others happy as how others perceived me did not matter – which resulted in pure joy.

On my flight back to Dubai, I wanted to share this experience with my wife. As I started to journal, tears rolled down my face. I did not recognise myself anymore-I have been wearing the mask for so long, it had caused clutter in all areas of my life which was holding me back.

Although I live in a world full of judgement, even if I could experience half of what I experienced in Ibiza, I would be in a better place. It was time to make myself the #1 priority.

Soon after coming back to Dubai, I decided to pursue my passion for the mountains and signed up to scale Kilimanjaro the following year. Clutter (i.e. additional weight) makes mountain climbing much harder as it requires more effort to carry which will elongate the journey. Reaching the summit just got a whole lot harder. So I started to identify the clutter that was holding me back and come up with a clear strategy to break free from it.

Soon after, friends & peers around me started to notice the massive in me that came about in just six months vs. years of feeble attempts at transformation with little progress. Friends urged me to share my story with the world and not keep this message to myself.

It was shortly thereafter, I received a phone call from Nairobi to confirm my first paid keynote later that year. This gave clarity that the world needs this message and is willing to invest in it. After completing a few more speaking gigs, I realized that I can only reach so many places physically and finally decided to write a book making my ‘breaking-free’ story & my message accessible to all.

What happened after I decided

I became more aware of my emotional wellbeing understanding the difference between processing emotion vs. blocking it. More importantly, I understood when my emotions were starting to take over and I paused through breathwork to prevent saying anything I would later regret.

Through a higher state of awareness, I started to detach from anything that no longer served any purpose in my life and declutter it from my life. Without all that dead weight being pulled around, I was able to see with more clarity and drive greater results in all areas of my life.

With my body & mind operating more optimally, I started to achieve results which previously were unimaginable. Using this momentum, not only did I start to scale my internal summits, but the mountains were calling me again and I decided once again to push through my boundaries and climb some of the tallest mountains in the world.

Are you ready to BREAK-FREE?

In this book you will discover how to declutter from the 4 key dimensions of life -your mind, your body, people and your material life. Once you commence your journey of breaking free, you can expect to achieve:

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Is this for you?

If you are thinking that life is already too busy and you simply do not have the time to commit to this journey…

Then this book is for you. The simple tools and rituals I share in the book will enable you to be more efficient and make more time to live your life your way.

If you are skeptical because you feel you have tried self-help before and failed to overcome certain habits…

Then this book is for you. The book will help you discover how badly you want something in your life, then prioritize and passionately pursue to grow into that with eagerness and enthusiasm.

If you are worried about the effort and are not stepping out of your comfort zone because it feels familiar and safe…

Then this book is for you. I will show you how to build positive momentum by securing small wins at the onset, to experience the joy of breaking free.



Doing things because you have to.


What am I doing and why I am doing it?


Working long hours with limited progress.


Concerned about what others think is right.


Which results in strained relationships.



Doing things because you choose to.


Knowing your summit and purpose.


Working fewer hours with huge progress.


Doing what you think is right.


Which results in joyful relationships.

transform your life?







I'm Saahil Mehta.

Over the last 4 years, I have scaled 4 of the tallest mountains in the world – a dream I harboured since childhood. As a Global Citizen, I have built successful businesses across 3 continents; but even thereafter I struggled to experience peace, happiness & abundance.

I believe that once you master the art of strategically decluttering the non-essentials in life, you truly empower yourself to BREAK FREE from the illusions of limits and rise to manifest the best version of yourself.

"Saahil is truly an inspiration with his decluttering approach. Simple, straightforward, authentic & applicable. I would highly recommend his courses to anyone interested in personal development and committed to becoming the best version of themselves."

Linda Sakr

Fellow Mountaineer & Holistic Psychologist

"Very easy to understand and implement. Covered many aspects of decluttering. Decluttering of mind, body, and surrounding space. Overall, highly recommended."

Vishnu Taimni

Managing Director, Print Category, HP Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe

"Saahil’s story and journey is inspirational. Being reminded that it actually takes very little to have a fulfilling and enjoyable life, and that accumulating things is rarely the solution for finding inner peace, was very valuable."

Olivia Manner


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